Our Ailing Environment And Efforts To Save The Earth

Our Mother Earth is critically suffering, and manifestations are prevalent everywhere. While the man is the first to endure the consequences of the deteriorating environment, it is the man who inflicted the damages that result in it. The way of life of man is potentially imposing irreversible harm to nature. And now, we all fear climate change and the impacts it brings. The warming of Earth has compelling evidence of future shrouded in uncertainties if we slow any attempts to save the environment.

The Significance of Environment to Human

The Earth is the only home for humans in the entire universe, and it provides all that it requires to preserve life and flourish. A healthy ecosystem supports a myriad of species, living and non-living, which help in the process of cycling elements and nutrients. This cycle creates something useful for humans, and this symbiotic relationship between man and his environment is the essence of life since the beginning of time.
More provisions of the ecosy…

Keeping our environment clean

I have decided to start an insightful way of sharing what is surrounding us most naturally. Nature has very many ways of manifesting itself and being to Human Nature. Join me as I begin this fantastic blog on the environment.

It’s quite cliché, but you must have heard of the saying that goes; if you destroy the environment, it will also destroy you. This is a statement which you cannot seem to fathom if you look at it in a present form. Several years to come depending on how we watch on the plant cover and other natural phenomena will determine if there will be an end or continued sustainability to the ecosystem.

There are so many things that are going on in the world as far as the environment is concerned. There are some organisms which live just near you, but you'd never know because you're busy in your day-to-day tasks.

Some of the significant global Environmental concerns are environmental degradation, Resource depletion, climate change, and pollution. All these issues ar…
The Earth is the home of every human, the forest, the jungle, the country, the city, the environment is ours and we have to deal with it. That´s the topic of this blog, wait for me.